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How To Avoid The Top 12 eLearning Mistakes That Sabotage Your Training Programs

If you are getting started with eLearning, here are the 12 mistakes you should avoid:

  1. No Time to Strategize, I Need the Course Now!
  2. My Staff Can Handle It
  3. Bright, Shiny Development Tools
  4. Let’s Program This Course More Than Once
  5. Look What I Designed
  6. Let’s Make The User Click Again
  7. He Knows Best
  8. Let’s Build Them All At Once
  9. If 20 Minutes is Good, 60 Minutes is Better
  10. That Won’t Cost Much
  11. Because I Said So
  12. Show Me The Money

Kindle_AssocManagersAssociation Managers: How To Avoid The Top 12 eLearning Mistakes That Sabotage Your Education Programs
Association Managers often sabotage their educational programs when moving from a presenter model to an online or eLearning model. This book addresses 12 eLearning Mistakes that managers make when developing eLearning courses for their members.  These mistakes are actual problems I encountered when working with my clients. These mistakes are real. If you make even one of them it can cost your Association a lot of money and result in wasted resources. Chances are, however, that you are making more than one of them.