eLearning Services

Free Coaching Session

Free coachingOne way to decide if we are a good “fit” is to schedule an introductory strategy session with Deb Miller.  You need to be comfortable with me and my level of expertise for your organization.  I also need to be comfortable with you, the client.  The relationship must be a “win-win” for both of us.

Participants are asked to complete a 5 question survey to identify the major areas of concern for your organization.  During the 20 – 30 minute session we will discuss the results of the survey and determine the next 2-3 action steps you need to take to move your eLearning program forward.  Even if we decide not to move forward together, you will receive the written Action Planning Steps.  To sign up for a free coaching session, use the online meeting scheduler in the sidebar.  I will confirm the date and time of the session and provide you with the brief survey.

Strategy Mapping Session

strategy directionGoal:  To define where your organization is now, where you want to go, and how you will get there. Before embarking on your eLearning journey it’s important to plan so you actually end up where you want to be when you arrive at your destination.  The path you take can meander or it can be very deliberate, the choice is yours. Before our formal session, we spend time analyzing your industry, your competition and their products and services. We then bring together the key players in your organization to map out your eLearning journey and identify the obstacles you may face.  The result of the session is a plan you can use to take your eLearning journey in strategic and well-thought-out manner. Take-away:  Strategic eLearning Implementation Plan for your organization.

Needs Assessment

Needs assessmentGoal: Identify learner needs, expectations and resistance. Association members join an organization for the opportunity to increase their personal or professional advancement through education.  Businesses offer online education to staff and customers to enhance their product or service knowledge, offer continuing education about regulatory or legal requirements, and to improve skills in other areas such as leadership or change.

This education can be in the form of articles, forums, seminars and courses offered in-person or online.  Understanding the expectations, problems and needs of your target audience is crucial in developing learning products that are engaging, appropriate, and easy-to-access. We employ multiple methods to assess the needs of your organization as you plan your eLearning journey.  We might conduct a written or online survey, host a focus group, or interview learners.  We then perform an analysis to identify the gaps between your learner’s needs and your educational offerings. Take-away: Educational Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis document.

Potential Market Assessment and Strategy Session

Market analysisGoal:  Identify the competition in your market for educational offerings and craft your unique value proposition. An area that is often overlooked when developing educational programs is to understand your competition and the market for your products and services.  Part of the strategic planning process includes understanding what your organization offers that is not easily replicated by others and planning ways to take strategic advantage of that difference.  Following this potential market assessment and strategy session, you will understand how you are unique in the marketplace and what you need to do to create value for your learners. Take-away: Educational Value Proposition and Gap Analysis document.

Individual Action Plan Coaching

coaching questionsGoal:  To provide individualized support to an organization’s staff member as you implement eLearning in your organization. Coaching is a method to support individuals as they learn to answer questions and address problems they encounter in their eLearning projects.  For many people, individual action plan coaching can make the development and implementation process easier, reducing the roadblocks to success and getting results.  Here’s how it works.  You sign up for a coaching plan: 3 months, 6 months, or a year.

  • Once a month we meet online for 30 minutes to establish the goals for the month.  At this meeting, we jointly agree upon monthly goals that address the needs of the organization and the individual.  These sessions are recorded so you can go back and listen as often as you like.  We also briefly review your accomplishments for the previous month and discuss any issues you have.
  • Between the monthly meetings, you can send one email with a single question each day, Monday through Friday.  I will answer those questions during normal business hours.  Questions received late on Friday or over the weekend will be answered on Monday.
  • You can also sign up for one 10 minute call each month to address a specific question or issue that arises that an email response can’t address.

Take-away:  Monthly Action Plan and Follow Up.

Turnkey eLearning Solutions

Turnkey solutionGoal:  To support the organization in your efforts to provide eLearning programs to your learners. I understand that not every organization wants to implement eLearning programs themselves.  Maybe you don’t have the staff with the right knowledge?  Maybe you just don’t haven enough staff to do it?  And maybe you just want someone to do it for you. At Miller Productivity, we can bring together a variety of experts to leverage their knowledge and skills to create eLearning programs you can be proud to offer your learners.  We use a design process that takes into account the strategy and plans created to develop and package content so that it’s relevant, fresh, easy-to-access and provides reasons for your members to stay with the organization. We follow a rigorous design methodology to analyze, design, create, implement and evaluate your training programs.  You can choose the amount of participation from your staff.  We can teach them how to follow our process (through Coaching) or simply do it ourselves and anything in-between. We can also evaluate your existing programs and make recommendations for improvement.  We look at the content and delivery method to ensure your courses are meeting the needs of your learners.  Courses can be presented and re-purposed using a variety of methods and multimedia options including:

  • eLearning using screencasting (PPT) or authoring software (Storyline)
  • Virtual conferences
  • Synchronous learning webinars
  • Ebooks and interactive PDFs
  • iPad video or professional video
  • Video and DVDs
  • CD-ROM
  • Podcast and audio CDs.

Take-away:  Course modules ready to implement in your Learning Management System. Feel free to contact us with your questions or request for quote.