Getting Started Using Video-Based Training

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What’s the very first step to get started with video-based training?

Even before you think about all of the equipment and software you will need (which is far less than you think), you need to determine why you want to use screencast (video-based) training in the first place.






Here are some common reasons:

Video-Based Training reduces the time it takes to provide training that everyone in the organization needs.  How many times do you repeat information for a new employee or re-train an existing employee on something that they could watch a video about? Something as simple as how to mail packages to a customer or as complex as answering frequently asked questions.

Video-Based Training is great for procedures you don’t use everyday.  For example, how to conduct a year-end audit or a problem-solving activity. A quick video that everyone can watch will get everyone on the “same page” when it comes to identifying the steps they need to follow.

Video-Based Training helps you standardize your training programs. No matter how good your training staff are, it’s easy to omit information or go down a rabbit-hole with unnecessary information during a live training session.  Using screencast videos, you can ensure that your training programs provide the information you want your learners to know, every time.

Video-Based Training is available 24/7. You don’t have to wait to train someone when a trainer or facility is available. This saves you time and money. Your employees can view the information when they need it, not when you have time to provide it.

What other reasons can you think of to use video-based training? Identifying the why makes it easier to take the next step…identifying the what.

If you are considering screencast videos for your organization and have questions about whether it is right for you, let’s talk. We can help you sort out your why and identify if screencast videos are right for you.

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