Project Management Lifecycle Coaching

Frustrated? Confused? Need Expert Guidance On What To Do Next In Your Project?

You Need A Project Management Lifecycle Coach!

Hi, I’m Deborah C. Miller.  I’ve been a project manager since 1998 – and I want to help you successfully complete your projects!

After helping many individuals and organizations complete their projects successfully, I have a pretty good idea of the challenges you face – regardless of where you are in your project.  Here are just a few of the challenges people like you face:

  • “I’ve taken the project management courses – but now my head is spinning!  I just don’t know which way to go.”
  • “I know exactly the results I want to get – but I’m not sure of the steps I need to take to get there.”
  • “There’s pressure from the project sponsor to get this project done quickly – but time is running out and I don’t know how to move more quickly.”
  • “I’ve tried doing this on my own, but I seem to be missing something.  I need someone I can talk to – who I can trust to give me solid information, with a plan to put it all into place.”

These are just some of the types of issues that I can help you with  in

Project Lifecycle Coaching

CoachingBrainstorming is my passion!  How about you?  That’s exactly what you and I will do when you sign up for Project Lifecycle Coaching.

First we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to meet via email.  Then we’ll sign-in to my private conference line for about a half-hour.  I’ll record the call for your future reference.  You’ll tell me about your project:

  • What’s going well in your project?
  • What’s not going well?
  • What’s keeping you awake at night?

You’ll ask me questions and we’ll take a look at your project documents if needed.

I’ll answer your questions and together we’ll decide on one area of focus.  This allows us to go in-depth on one issue and really get demonstrated RESULTS from your coaching sessions.  Together we will determine the next 2-3 action steps you need to take.  I’ll make recommendations for additional resources you might need to accomplish your goals.  And I’ll put the recording, your action steps, and the resources on a special client page, just for your use.

Over the next 5 weeks, we will meet on a weekly basis to review your results and tweak your action steps.  These weekly, 20-minute calls will be recorded so you can listen as often as you need to.  Keep in mind that we can accomplish a lot in a focused, 20 minute session.   (Learning how to use these meeting methods to stay focused in your own project meetings is another bonus for you!)

 Sounds great, Deb!  I’m ready to sign up.

How Much For Your Expert Knowledge?

Naturally you want to know what your “investment” is for this six week program.  After all, I know that other consulting firms offer coaching programs starting at $5,000 and more.  And most consulting firms don’t even offer private coaching!    That’s where I’m different.

Private coaching is very time consuming. But it’s a really effective way to determine whether or not you want to work with a consulting firm by “trying out” their services.  That’s exactly what we do in Project Lifecycle Coaching.

During the call I give you 100% of my expertise and focus.  When we hang up, I’m finished and you take over!  You will have an action plan that you can put into practice immediately!

During the time you spend with me, I try to “wow” you with as many ideas, tactics, strategies, and directions as you can absorb.  Then we’ll boil it down into specific action steps that leave no doubt as to what you should be working on.

PLUS There Is A Bonus!

I find that many times you will have questions about the action plans or next steps in the process.  So when you sign up for Project Lifecycle Coaching, you ALSO get 6 weeks (M-F) of email access to me.  You can send me one question each day, Monday-Friday, asking anything you like about your project, the action steps, etc.  That’s a Bonus $600 value – included in your Project Lifecycle Coaching!

Here’s the Bottom Line

My Project Lifecycle Coaching rate is $897 for a six week coaching block.  We have found that anything less than six weeks limits your success.  You really need to focus on each issue and make tweaks and adjustments to your behavior and actions to truly be successful.  Here’s what you get with Project Lifecycle Coaching:

  • An initial half-hour recorded coaching call that identifies your specific issues, concerns and challenges to come up with your coaching focus for the next 5 sessions.
  • 5 additional weeks of recorded, 20-minute coaching calls where you report on your progress, ask questions and we tweak your action steps.
  • Specific Action Plan with 2-3 steps you need to take next so you can more forward with your project.
  • Client page devoted specifically to you!  Your recordings, action plans and resource suggestions will be available only from my special Client Only Membership site.
  • 6 weeks of email access to me.  I will answer one question per day, Monday-Friday so you can get immediate help with your project challenges.

When you’re ready to move forward with your project, sign up for your Project Lifecycle Coaching session!

Yes! I’m Ready To Move Forward With My Project – And I Want Your Help!

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then I’ll take the Action!

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I look forward to working with you for the success of your Project!


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