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time managementWe all have exactly 168 hours available to us each week (7×24).  How productive are you in the hours you have available?  Let’s see:

If you sleep 7.5 hours per night (52.5), that leaves 115.5 waking hours.

If your drive to work is only 30 minutes each way, that leaves 110.5 available hours each week.

Now if your workday consumes 45 hours (presuming you are only working 5 days a week) which is approximate 40% of your available time each week.

That leaves 65.5 hours per week to spend with your family or personal activities.

How are your spending your 45 work hours?  Studies have shown that managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs, etc. are only productive 6 hours per week.  How are you spending your potential?

How are your spending your 65.5 personal hours per week?  What activities are getting in the way of your personal goals?

Figuring out your own personal productivity requirements can be eye opening.  Take a few minutes and calculate your personal productivity time.  You will be surprised!


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